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Danish players suspended

Danish players suspended

Bau, Jensen out one game

Published 06.05.2015 10:56 GMT+2 | Author Adam Steiss
Danish players suspended
Mathias Bau (Hansen)-left, and Jesper B. Jensen-right, will both miss the 6 May game against Russia.
The IIHF Disciplinary Panel has suspended Denmark defenceman Jesper B. Jensen and forward Mathias Bau (Hansen) for one game each.

The twin suspensions are the first to be handed down by the Panel at the 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship.

Both players will miss Denmark’s next game, against Russia on 6 May.

Jensen’s suspension stems from a checking from behind incident that occurred during Denmark’s preliminary round game versus Belarus. The violation occurred at 01:16 in the Danish defensive zone close to the boards. Belarus forward Andrei Stas was in the process of gaining puck possession, when Jensen came up from behind and drove him into the boards. Stas hit the board with his head and fell to the ice appearing to be injured. He was treated at the bench and resumed play shortly after.

The Disciplinary Panel determined that Jensen came from behind and checked Stas into the boards, and that the action was in violation with rule 123(iii) Checking From Behind. His action took advantage of his opponent’s vulnerable position, was reckless and endangered the health of Stas.

Bau’s suspension was handed down due to a checking-to-the-head infraction during the same game against Belarus.

The violation occurred at 25:18 in the Belarus defensive zone right behind the Belarus goal. Belarusian defenceman Yevgeni Lisovets was in puck possession but immediately moved the puck along the boards. As soon he passes the puck Bau delivers a body check, leaving the ice with both feet making contact to the head of Lisovets.

The Disciplinary Panel determined that Bau came with high speed from the blue line, jumped while delivering his check, and that first contact was made to the head and neck area. The Disciplinary Panel determined that the action was in violation with rule 124 (i-iv) Checking to the Head or Neck. Bau had plenty of time and good position to deliver a clean body check. Coming with high speed and leaving the ice with both feet while delivering the body check was reckless and dangerous and warrants a one-game suspension.

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Both players will be eligible to return to play for Denmark’s game on 8 May against USA.




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