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Daschner, Golicic suspended

Daschner, Golicic suspended

German, Slovene out for one game each

Published 08.05.2015 11:55 GMT+2 | Author Adam Steiss
Daschner, Golicic suspended
Daschner (left) and Golicic (right) will miss Friday's games.
The IIHF has issued two one-game suspensions to players for infractions committed during the Finland-Slovenia and Germany-Sweden games on 7 May.

Bostjan Golicic of Slovenia and Stephan Daschner of Germany will both miss their games against Norway and Latvia respectively.

Daschner’s suspension comes as a result of a major interference penalty that he took in Thursday afternoon’s game against Sweden, in which he received an additional 20-minute game misconduct.

The violation occurred at 19:55 of the 1st period. Daschner delivered a severe hit on Swedish defenceman Mattias Ekholm while Ekholm was not looking, and right after Ekholm had passed the puck to his teammate before crossing the German blue line. During that time Daschner moved along the blue line towards Ekholm, delivering a check during which both of Daschner’s feet left the ice, thus committing a clear interference penalty.

The Disciplinary Panel determined that because both of Daschner’s feet left the ice while delivering the check to Ekholm, who was not in puck possession, Daschner’s actions endangered Ekholm, and therefore violated Rule # 150 (Interference). Therefore the Panel determined that Daschner should receive a one-game suspension.

Golicic’s suspension was issued following a checking to the head infraction committed against Finland defenceman Anssi Salmela.

The violation occurred at 55:50 of the 3rd period. Salmela came out from behind the goal with the puck and with a Slovene player chasing him. As Salmela was attempting to ward off the other player, Golicic skated towards Salmela while he was passing the puck. With Salmela in a vulnerable position, Golicic delivered a body check to Salmela’s head.

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Based on all facts ascertained, the Disciplinary Panel determined that because Golicic had plenty of time to take another decision and completely avoid the contact with Salmela and instead delivered the illegal body check, he violated Rule # 124 (checking to the head and neck area). The Panel the determined that Golicic should receive a one-game suspension.

Daschner will be eligible to return for Germany’s game on Sunday versus the Czech Republic, Golicic will be able to come back to play in Slovenia’s game on the same day against the United States.



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