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Candidates named

Candidates named

58 officials battle for 32 jobs at Worlds

Published 21.10.2014 18:31 GMT+2 | Author Martin Merk
Candidates named
The four officials look on during the national anthem after a game of the 2014 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. Photo: Andre Ringuette / HHOF-IIHF Images
The IIHF has named 373 officials from 41 countries for the World Championship program including 58 candidates for the flagship event in the Czech Republic.

The 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Prague and Ostrava is the only of the 29 events where no referee or linesman has been finally named. The candidates will have to perform well during the season to earn their assignment when the final cut will be done in February.

The list of candidates includes 32 referees and 26 linesmen of which 16 referees and 16 linesmen will make it to the event in the Czech Republic. It also includes several local officials with referees Martin Frano, Pavel Hodek, Antonin Jerabek, Vladimir Sindler, and linesmen Vit Lederer, Miroslav Lhotsky and Rudolf Tosenovjan. They all hope to make their dream of calling World Championship games on home ice come true.

For Sindler it would already be the second time as he was a referee in the 2004 World Championship at the same venues.

Candidates for the 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship







Anisimov, Alexei  (RUS)


Carlson, Chris  (CAN)

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Baluska, Vladimir  (SVK)


Carnathan, Paul  (USA)

Bjork, Tobias  (SWE)


Dahmen, Jimmy  (SWE)

Bruggemann, Lars  (GER)


Dedioulia, Ivan  (BLR)

Bulanov, Vyacheslav  (RUS)


Dehaen, Pierre  (FRA)

Frano, Martin  (CZE)


Fluri, Nicolas  (SUI)

Gebei, Peter  (HUN)


Kack, Johannes  (SWE)

Gofman, Roman  (RUS)


Kaderli, Roman  (SUI)

Hodek, Pavel  (CZE)


Kilian, Jon  (NOR)

Jerabek, Antonin  (CZE)


Lederer, Vit  (CZE)

Kaukokari, Mikko  (FIN)


Leermakers, Joep  (NED)

Kaval, Keith  (USA)


Lhotsky, Miroslav  (CZE)

Konc, Daniel  (SVK)


McIntyre, Fraser  (USA)

Kubus, Jozef  (SVK)


Metalnikov, Eduard  (RUS)

Kurmann, Daniel  (SUI)


Mills, Bevan  (CAN)

Levonen, Jari  (FIN)


Pesonen, Jani  (FIN)

Mayer, Timothy  (USA)


Pihlblad, Henrik  (SWE)

Nord, Mikael  (SWE)


Ponomarjow, Nikolaj  (GER)

Odins, Eduards  (LAT)


Puolakka, Masi  (FIN)

Olenin, Konstantin  (RUS)


Raming, Stanislav  (RUS)

Papp, Steve  (CAN)


Schrader, Andre  (GER)

Patafie, Steve  (USA)


Sefcik, Peter  (SVK)

Persson, Soeren  (SWE)


Semjonov, Anton  (EST)

Piechaczek, Daniel  (GER)


Suominen, Sakari  (FIN)

Rantala, Aleksi  (FIN)


Tosenovjan, Rudolf  (CZE)

Ronn, Jyri  (FIN)


Wilmot, Jesse  (CAN)

Sidorenko, Maxim  (BLR)



Sindler, Vladimir  (CZE)



Sjoqvist, Mikael  (SWE)



Stricker, Daniel  (SUI)



Sylvain, Jean-Philippe  (CAN)



Vinnerborg, Marcus  (SWE)




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