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Rinne chases history

Rinne chases history

Goalie eyes modern shutout records

Published 09.05.2015 16:37 GMT+2 | Author Andrew Podnieks
Rinne chases history
Pekka Rinne is chasing the modern shutout record. Photo: Richard Wolowicz / HHOF-IIHF Images
Pekka Rinne just can’t be beat. Or beaten. Or scored upon. In fact, he’s closing in on the modern-day record for shutout streak by a goaltender and team.

Rinne has recorded three straight shutouts after allowing a goal to the Americans in the third period. The U.S. later scored an empty netter, which doesn’t go against Rinne’s record. Thus, he has played an incredible 191:56 without allowing a goal.

Currently the distinction of longest modern-day shutout streak goes to Slovak netminder Jan Lasak. In 2004 he recorded three consecutive shutouts and went a total of 206:26 of playing time without allowing a goal.

The only other time since World War II that a team has recorded three clean sheets in a row was at the 1957 World Championship when Sweden achieved the mark. But those three shutouts were not recorded by one goaltender. Thord Flodqvist had two and Yngve Casslind had one. That TEAM shutout streak ran for 209:02.

Before the war there were much longer streaks. These were in some ways as impressive, and in some ways a bit distilled because from 1930 to 1939 games consisted of three periods of 15 minutes. Nevertheless, while shutouts might have been easier to record, the cumulative shutout streaks were still impressive.

The all-time longest streak belongs to Canadian-born Jimmy Foster, who is most famous for leading Great Britain to an historic defeat of Canada at the 1936 Olympics. A year later, he recorded seven straight shutouts and went a staggering 348:00 minutes of play without allowing a puck to get past him.

In 1939, American goalie Ed Maki had six shutouts and a total shutout streak of 333:00. Canada’s Art Puttee also had six shutouts in 1931 and didn’t allow a goal the entire tournament! He finished with an easy-to-calculate record of 270:00 shutout minutes. Canada won gold, and this was his only tournament, so he has a career goals-against average of 0.00.

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In his next game, Rinne will go after Lasak’s personal record and Finland against Sweden’s team record. If he can produce a blank first period, he will have bettered the record and will stand alone among all goalies since 1939. Pretty remarkable.


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