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Safety first

Safety first

What to leave at home before visiting the arenas

Published 23.04.2015 14:01 GMT+2 | Author Karolina Antosova
Safety first. That’s the major motto of the Organizing Committee. All fans attending game live should take notice of the following information.

If you've already had a chance to visit O2 arena, you can imagine what to expect from this place. During the 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship the security checks will be even more thorough.

“We don’t want to solve problems, we want to prevent them,” explains Head of the OC Marketa Sterbova on why the checks will be more detailed. No one wants any accident to happen. That means that CEZ Arena in Ostrava can expect some security upgrades – safety frames, which have been missing until now, will be installed. Altogether, both arenas will have more than 100 of these frames.

“Security at the World Championship is one of our main concerns. It's one of the first things we started working on, and it includes a lot of things. Not only will teams be here, but also some special events like the IIHF Annual Congress and a coaching symposium,” says Sterbova.

“And of course we expect around 650,000 fans to come,” adds Veronika Faberova, Head of the Security Department.

Organizers also want to remind fans of one more important thing – come to the arena in advance (read more here).

Fan zones will include deposit boxes – special places where, for a small fee (50Kc/2€), you can store things which can’t be brought inside the arena. This includes large items such as luggage or even a bicycle. All things there will be sealed and you will have access to them right after the game.

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You are allowed to enter the arenas with a small bag to carry personal effects, such as a backpack or woman's handbag or purse. But think twice about what you take with you, as not all things can go through the safety frames and security checks when you enter the arena. These things you can and should leave in a deposit box. The last chance you will have to put things in a deposit box is right before entering the arenas – there will also be deposit boxes near the entrance, where you can check items such as umbrellas.

And what should you leave at home before visiting the 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship? Find out here.

In short, the conditions for entering O2 Arena or CEZ Arena will be almost the same as other events there. You are not allowed to enter either arena with perfumes, sprays or deodorants over 100 ml, and you can’t go through security checks with laptops or food.

All fans should also take note of restrictions on items that fans might want to bring to support their favourite teams. If you want to take a drum with you, the maximum dimensions to go through the security x-ray are 60x40 cm. If your drum is larger than this, it must have only one membrane, so that security can see inside. Then the maximum dimensions are set by the size of the security frame. You also won’t be allowed to enter with a mask covering your face.

One other important piece of information is about flags. The maximum size of it is 3x2 m, and it may not have a handle or flagpole.

All types of air pressure horns and vuvuzelas are forbidden. It’s also not possible to bring food, alcohol, drugs, glass bottles, laptops, umbrellas, transport facilities, baby-carriages, perfumes or other flammable substances, laser-beam devices, high-pressure devices, weapons, explosive substances, binoculars, recording devices (small cameras without a professional telephoto lens are allowed), drones or animals. You are not allowed to distribute leaflets or smoke inside either.

“The IIHF promotes this as an anti-smoking event, so logically you won’t be allowed to smoke inside either arena,” explains Faberova. The smoking ban will be enforced inside the arenas by “anti-smoking patrols”.


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