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Ticket sale starts 4th Nov.

Ticket sale starts 4th Nov.

Day packages available, single ticket in February

Published 29.10.2014 10:22 GMT+1 | Author Organizing Committee
Ticket sale starts 4th Nov.
The tickets for the 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship are ready for you. The sale starts on 4th November. Photo: Organizing Committee
The start of the 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship ticket sale is getting closer - the first stage begins on 4th November 2014 at 8:00 AM.

Ticket packages will be available for sale via internet, on Sazka terminals and in both venues - O2 arena in Prague and CEZ Arena in Ostrava.

"The date was chosen symbolically - we start to sell the tickets just few days before the first weekend of significant international tournaments – the Karjala Cup in Helsinki and the Deutschland Cup in Munich. As the best players begin their journey to the 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, the fans can make the first steps of their way to the Czech Republic as well," said Marketa Sterbova, 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Organizing Committee General Secretary.

The Czech Republic will host the 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship from 1st to 17th May 2015.

The ticket prices for single preliminary round games range from CZK 190 (€ 7) to CZK 1,690 (€ 61). The quarter-final games are priced in two categories: CZK 2,390 (€ 86) and CZK 2,990 (€ 107).

The prices of tickets for the remaining playoff round games (O2 arena) are as follows: semi-finals - CZK 4,690 (€ 168) and CZK 5,790 (€ 208); bronze medal game CZK 4,290 (€ 154) and CZK 5,390 (€ 194); gold medal game CZK 7,190 (€ 258) and CZK 8,990 (€ 323). Note: The amounts in EUR are INDICATIVE only. Tickets must be paid in CZK.

"The aim of the Organizing Committee was to set the prices in line with the event schedule and the tournament draw. Although the income from tickets sale is the key one to cover all costs connected with the championship organization, we wished to make especially the preliminary round games affordable to local people," said Martin Urban, the Czech Ice Hockey Association’s General Secretary.

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The official ticket seller is Sazka Ticket.

"We offer an excellent availability to the fans thanks to the wide network of the Sazka terminals - there are more than 6,900 of them all over the Czech Republic. As we expect a huge interest we are preparing the ticket sale start very carefully. That is the reason why we improved our system to one that is more modern and user-friendly," said Robert Chvátal, Sazka Inc CEO.

Only day packages will be available at the first stage of the ticket sales process, i.e. tickets for two or three games on the same day in a single arena. Scheduled to start in February, the second stage will also include the distribution of tickets for individual games - if still available at that time.

Fans in the Czech Republic can buy tickets at all Sazka terminals or via online order on the Sazka Ticket website. The number of tickets is limited - up to 5 packages to be purchased online (booking and payments at the terminals) or up to 10 packages in one order (in case of online payment by credit card).

Orders from abroad will be processed through Sazka Ticket's online system. Group orders - from the Czech Republic or from other countries - will be processed by the customer centre of the Sazka company through order forms available online at the Sazka Ticket website.

All information about the tickets prices are available at the official website of the event, click here.



Individual Orders

• In the Czech Republic

- sale points, Sazka terminals, O2 arena, CEZ Arena
Terminals: - cash payment
O2 arena and CEZ Arena: cash and card payments

- online at
a) online booking, payment at the terminal
Maximum of 5 ticket packages in one booking (one price level)
b) online booking with immediate payment by credit card (tickets will be delivered or self-printed = e-ticket)
Maximum of 10 packages/one booking

• Outside the Czech Republic

- online
Booking online, payment by credit card (tickets will be delivered or self-printed = e-ticket)

Group Orders

• within the Czech Republic

- at the customer service centre through order form (will be available at the Sazka Ticket website under bookmark "Customer Care")

- payment via bank transfer, 3 days within the Czech Republic, 5 days from abroad

Hospitality Program

- 1st category tickets + hospitality program

- information at


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