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Transportation advisory

Transportation advisory

By train and public transport to the arenas

Published 07.04.2015 21:14 GMT+2 | Author Organizing Committee
Transportation advisory
Get to the arenas hassle-free by using trains and public transportation.
If you plan to visit the 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Prague or in Ostrava, have a look at our advice on how to get there.

Are you planning to go to the 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship? Then pay attention as this information could be really beneficial for you. The Organization Committee gives advices to all fans how to get to the World Championship free of hassle.

Advice no. 1 – Come to the arena in advance

“The main message for all fans is to come in time, at the best at least one-and-a-half hours before the start of the game,” says Marketa Sterbova, the head of the Organizing Committee, and continues: “Fans can also visit the fan zone where they will spend some quality time and where they will wait until the arena will be ready after the previous game. They will then be asked to enter by organizers, also in foreign languages.”

Even more careful about the time should be visitors of the game Czech Republic – Sweden on the opening day, 1st May. This game starts at 20:15 but prior to that game the opening ceremony will start on the O2 Arena’s ice at 19:45 – and the performance will really be worth watching.

Advice no. 2 – Travel by train, get a discount

The Czech Railway Co. (Ceske drahy) will work as an official transportation partner of all participants (teams). Also fans will profit from this partnership as a special offer called “Train + Hockey” will be ready for everybody. No matter if you travel to Prague or Ostrava from any other place in the Czech Republic, the way back will be for free.

The only condition is to get a stamp on your train ticket, which you get in the fan zone next to the arena, and to own a ticket for a hockey game.

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You don’t have to be afraid of crowded trains. “Czech Railway Co. will strengthen all train links to Prague and to Ostrava, mainly for the Czech and Slovak games. It all corresponds with our effort to persuade all fans to use the train and not cars,” explains the Head of the Department of Transportation, Lenka Jiroutova.

Expect that all long-distance trains will stop at stations in Liben and Vysocany during the event. “Both of these stations are in walking distance from the O2 Arena,” adds Jiroutova. All information about this special offer can be found on

Advice no. 3 – Don’t go to the arenas by car

The traffic situation around both arenas isn’t easy even during normal days, so you can imagine what it may be like during the World Championship. Therefore the wish of the Organizing Committee is more than logical. “We warmly encourage fans NOT to go by car straight to the arena because you have no chance to park it there,” emphasizes Sterbova.

However, when you don’t have any other possibility to travel to the arena, please leave your car somewhere else than near arenas. “We would recommend making use of the park & ride opportunities on the edge of the cities and then using public transport to travel right to the arena. There is no other possibility to get and park there,” Jiroutova warns of possible complications.

For bigger comfort of fans the tram timetable of lines serving the area of the O2 Arena will be intensified and metro intervals will also be shorter. The info hotline of the public transport company will run until 23.00. Moreover, at the Ceskomoravska station, where you’ll get off to go to the O2 Arena, the announcement of the station will also be in English.


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